The Chase- Rifts

Day 1 Part 1 In Which Polumetis is arguably pretty cool.

I awoke in a room in Adamsville, sparsely furnished, without a hint of finery. My surgical equipment remained attached but it had all the sterility of an auto shop waiting room. The Coalition’s need for secrecy meant less than ideal conditions. In a backwoods, frontier town, this shop was chosen for the surgeries and nanite injections needed. The old doctor, and his bodyman hardly had the air of Coalition credibility, but they were chosen for their discretion.
My faculties were not yet recovered, a number of less than dignified proclamations escaped me, perhaps an immediate effect of the procedure. They kindly dosed me with a sedative, which cured the shouting and threatening.
Again, I awoke on the surgical table. The stability and singularity of my thought pattern had given away to cracks, multiple streams, and vertiginous, quaking movements. After a time, I was able to restrain and unify the trains of thought, or at the very least direct them enough to further inspect my surroundings. The room and table might equally have been used to rebuild a hoverbike given the décor. I dislodged the remaining medical lines and nanite injector capsules, and set about testing my new prowess. My strength was impressive before, now, I was quite sure that the building, the town, were well within my smiting territory. In the yard, I discovered my speed’s improvement was markedly more disappointing. Not at all what was promised, and no doubt a result of the old man’s ineptitude. It was then I was made of aware of HIS presence. He and the smallish Asian bodyman, seemed to have been watching. Neither particularly impressed. The proof of their bastardhood began to mount.
A commotion began outside. We were informed by a small squadron of grunts that a pair of wizards had absconded with an item that the Coalition would pay a great deal for, and they were headed towards our town. I don’t remember all the details, due to the drugs possibly.
Nonetheless the possibility of a search, ending in battle. I wanted to test the limits of the procedure so it was easy to agree to. My new companions, did not seem eager to go fighting wizards. Luckily, The crowd was completely livid. There were apparently local politics at play, resistance to the Coalition it seemed. The people were on the edge of rioting. I returned to the shop, donned the Titan flying armor I brought with me from home, and drama was irresistible. I launched myself in the air, and fell into the middle of the rabble’s ranks. “We are the Coalition, we will have order, and your assistance” I shouted and fired into the crowd.
My demands for obedience went unheeded, and so death fell upon them. One I threw into the air, he fell, then died.
Hideki, the previously mentioned bodyman, waded through the melee, taking guns away from commoners and soldiers alike, sustaining little damage in the process. It was highly irregular for a bodyman. I surmised he might be a Coalition sent henchman, or another unconventional upgrade. Sensing this suspicious henchman would likely stop any further tests of the situation, and my ability to screw it up sensationally, I took to the air, and continued my assault until the people were broken, and the Coalition was thoroughly disarmed by Hideki. The old scientist, escaped back into his hole of a shack, Hideki proved not to be good at henchmen decorum, lecturing the soldiers before rearming them and marching away.
Boredom’s creeping hands almost took hold when the wanted wizards, entered entertainingly, and fortuitously without any need to go finding them. The two flew in on hoverbikes, and fearlessly parked right in the square. The man hardly seemed magical. Big, and well armed, but not magic. The female, she was underdressed for a battle, but beautiful. covered in black tattoo work, her hands glowed faints and when she touched the large man, he was engulfed in a faint platinum glow. The logical conclusion was then, and is now, she can probably also explode stuff with her mind. I waited high in the air to see how it might play out. The Coalition soldiers did not implement my logic, rushed in, and were killed in a flash of purple and white.
After the light subsided, they tried reasoning with us and the townspeople gathering, the man almost pleading. “You don’t have to fight us, we need shelter, the Coalition cannot have what we have. They will kill us all.”
They were met with gunfire. Killing Coalition seemed fine by the townspeople, but the townspeople also seemed just generally for killing anyone not from their town. I personally apprehended and separated from her senses the woman, after she had killed an attacking crowd member. Hideki, meanwhile had brutally, by hand, decapitated the large man.
It was also then that two strangers who must have somehow survived my previous murdering, appeared to watch and scavenge the spoils of battle. One female, and masked, the other male, and slight of build. They scavenged, while I returned to the surgical shack of the old man, to further sedate my prize for potential conversion. Hideki also returned, with the strangers, for reasons entirely his own. One of them had the items in question, I could feel it, their scavenging had proven fruitful, they all smelled smug. Castle introduced himself casually, as a doctor. Blaine attempted to horrify us at her introduction, removing her helmet, her inhumanly sharp facial features and pigmentation said she was Atlantean, and therefore enough to send most folks running, or to their bellies in awe. Luckily, my balls had likewise gone nuts from the surgery, and she was unsuccessful. Her armor meanwhile identified her as wizard. Her companion had no immediately observable traits to identify his usefulness. He was simple, rounded in facial features, dark of hair, lithe, and wore conventional Coalition armor, repurposed for civilian use.
There was some debate about what to do with the spoils. It was none of my concern, all I cared for was the task at hand. An enhanced servant and patsy. However, The rude, suspiciously convenient plot devices, would not be denied, and the Coalition was at our door. Three men, and a Captain of considerable influence. They stood glaring, saying nothing, expecting me to hand over the spoils no doubt.
This time the fight was almost certainly Hideki’s fault, he answered their silence with silence, causing them to arm themselves. The situation was further frustrated by a yellow grenade thrown by the skinny little guy, Castle, that was full of yellow bummer ooze that expanded to paralyze and choke those foolish enough to not have full environmental Titan armor on. It was also making movement nearly impossible for killing purposes for all of us but Hideki, how he blasted it all away I can’t be sure. I was happy it was gone. It was as previously stated, a bummer.
The H Man acted first, ran out door thumbs thrust forward, aimed for the eyes of Captain. Typical Hideki, cut thru the crap combat tactics. It was becoming quickly apparent that the man was fearless well past the border of recklessness. His previously calm demeanor and stoney face gave way to snarling rage, and mutterings as the Captain’s skull was caved well beyond the point of the necessity of normal murder.
Blaine, perhaps searching for range to do her work, ran past the melee to a hover bike, and escaped into the air. Her companion Castle, dropped another mystery grenade on everyone, frankly it was irresponsible.
I sensing the need for drama from the assorted combatants, flew out of the home of Hideki, smashing thru the walls with my captive, into the sky beyond Blaine, to get a view of the battlefield
Castle chose risk, and stood perfectly still amid the skirmish, engaged with Psionics, and the remaining few Coalition grunts began to act drugged, and suddenly wobbly on their feet.
The Commander meanwhile had long since gone limp underneath The H Man ’s dramatically overpowered grip, but he had yet to let go, ranting about villainy. Shouting and then muttering alternately “You had to make me do this, I tried to change, but nooo”
Blaine the Amazing Atlantian was content to also survey the scene beneath us, so I flew down to attempt to save the Doctor, whose remains were burnt beyond saving. The insanity, at this point was certainly making itself obvious to survivors, but I was sure he could be revived and fix his errors with my physical speed.
The town appeared half wasted as we gathered in what remained of it’s square, a small tearing sound that seemed to come from everywhere, sent an alarm up on the public address system. It was the tell tale rip of a rift, and it was manifesting a few blocks emanating an eerie blue light from a few blocks away. Hideki, without a word casually ran towards the HeadQuarters of the Coalition, expecting the rest of us to follow.
It was then that I noticed my captive was waking up, hanging by a strap from my arm, she began stirring. Still struggling to be even moderately reasonable, I flew into the air, and threw her to the ground from 300 feet. I then landed and retrieved her. Looking back, It was apparent to everyone else but me, that I was lugging around two corpses now. At that moment the crazy in me had a plan. I then assumed my previous position of surveillance above the town to avoid the scrutiny of my peers. Both bodies hanging by a single long flexible ceramic strap.
I was able to pick up a radio transmission requesting back up, just as I saw the operator thru a window in the headquarters, miraculously escape the initial Hideki classic head popping.
I liked the Coalition, but the crazy told me I would need Hideki to repair the old man and my armor, which had sustained some small damage in the battle. So I continued to fire on my previous employers, luckily again for this operator, my lasers misfired, something not at all laser like, allowing the operator to continue his surprisingly successful retreat for a moment more before Hideki caught the runner, destroyed his body somehow, and then destroyed the earth and buildings nearby. Meanwhile he delivered a soliloquy and largely revealed that he used to be a villain of some kind, from another world, and seems a little disappointed with ours.
The Rift ‘s ripping sound had definitely become louder, and we were now all that remained of Adamsville. The Fit of Hidekei however went on, so I dropped my captive and his doctor in front of him, in an effort to get his attention, and went into to the Coalition Headquarters to retrieve a heavy large sphere filled with energy guns. I then grabbed the bodies, and placed them in the sphere, slinging it on my back, it seemed my abhorrent behavior had calmed the villain a little, and I was still stuck on the idea they were alive. We began searching the building, but I was struck by boredom brought on by insanity, and decided to test my lasers behind Blaine to see if they still worked, and maybe flirt a little.
They missed, and nearly hit her, thru no fault of my own. I was and remain easily the best and luckiest marksman of the group.
She reacted with a fireball, which I parried with the steel container, the charred body of the scientist, and my precious prospective bottom bitch. They exploded fantastically, destroying my Titan Armor, and and the container, and my captives. Naturally, I was forced to apologize, and acknowledge my inability to defend myself further before being allowed back inside the building. Blaine spoke not a word thruout the encounter other than a stiff. “Apologize!”
Hidekei began his hackery and research, I emulated his earlier behavior, and began destroying the building in a fit of frustration. My fit however was brief and fruitful, as I found a basement entrance before Hideki was able to impress us with his technical ability.
No one seemed to be interested in what was in this basement despite the fact that it is obviously important, I found it. The party unimpressed by the books and statues, were intent on exiting . I tried to hint it is important by making the exit from the basement tedious, I jumped and yanked each member back down as they climbed up the exit shaft. I was reminded that they had guns, and I lacked armor. I contented myself by rushing to the front of our groups path and leading them out of the building as if I was the agreed upon leader.
I continued a more polite stalling from this position but was only able to provoke Castle into an attempt to blind me, and a magical intimidation by Blaine. The insanity, while embarrassing, was proving to increase my general resiliency. We exited just as the sound of the ripping grew to a crescendo and fell silent.


The Chase
According to Polumetis the Mad

The Prologue: My few memories of the time before (This section and first games are being reworked, need dialogue in some spots from players)

The Generators were the reason I was sent. The reason I was lying here on this table being prepped for surgery, in little better than a warehouse, in the Canadian woods.
The Coalition, in it’s vastness, it’s permeating military might, feared the Generators. Given to someone outside their influence they could be used to undermine the Coalition’s pervasive power, and leadership wanted it back under their strict supervision. According to my Coalition handler, they were engineered by the best minds of the 22nd century to create near limitless supplies of psychic and mystical energy, laws of magical thermodynamics be damned. I was to gather them, or their pieces and bring them back.
The Generators’ I still thought were myth, and had heard before a number of origin stories. Whether they were from Earth originally, or from one of the Rifts, was often debated..

The Scientist attached something violently to the base of my skull, and I went blind for a moment. I attempted to speak, but was also momentarily struck mute and paralyzed.

The story was unlikely, and sounded like old timey religion to me. How this man came to hear it, I did not know, but I doubted it was the true reason the Coalition was breaking convention to change me. It stretched the bounds of credence. What I was rather sure of, was that

one or perhaps both of these devices, were in the hands of wizards and bandits now. They were simply the important magical batteries they were introduced to me as.
I was being developed along with 12 others across Coalition territory, to hunt the two wizards who possess the packages. We were to kill them, and retrieve the items they carried for use in the Coalition’s war against the dimensional beings pouring thru the tears in reality.
The Rifts opened each day it seemed then, great blue tears in the fabric of time and space. The Chaos they wrought, was what ultimately let the Coalition thrive, it’s oppressive military culture, necessitated by an existential and terrifying threat.
I was being offered the discretion of a general in the task of obtaining it. In addition to the discretion, I would be upgraded. Changed with nanites and advanced hormone treatment. I was to be strong enough to punish physically the heaviest of robot armor, and withstand or avoid the fire of any gun. In return, I would lose my sanity, and large sections of my memory.
A fair enough sounding deal at the time, then again, when I agreed, I was not on a surgical table being told a legend by a scientist whose mind veers toward the insane. He injected me again, this time the syringe stayed in, a clear large sphere atop it, the gray mass inside slowly drained down as he placed more and more into my chest arms and legs. After that my old identity and past became cloudy, my reasons largely my own.


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